Minimalist solutions adapted to various needs, with the advice of an expert in the area

Do you want a web page?

Email account

Configuration and custom domain

Responsive website

Responsive design for different devices

Internal chatbot

Included in static web page, to optimize resources

Each page a special work

Designs full of creativity and minimalism, with optimization of informatics resources

"Less is more"
Mies Van der Rohe

Projects for all needs. Landing page with HTML, CSS and Javascript; even complex web portals

Design of virtual menus

Have your own digital menu with QR code included. An accessible investment to maintain the quality of service in cafes and restaurants.

Starting at USD 50

Some of the technologies I use ...

Q. A. Valentin Ch. Nava

Scientist, technologist
and creative

About me


  • Essential

  • Ideal for MSMEs, entrepreneurs, artists and independent professionals.

  • Benefits:

    • Static web page design; landing page, with HTML, CSS and javascript.

    • Management to configure up to 5 email accounts, and implement contact form.

    • Management for one year registration of 1 custom domain ".com", with private WHOIS.

    • Consulting to select the best hosting service you require, according to the objectives of your project and the resources you wish to invest.


    USD 190

  • Creative

  • For MSMEs or entrepreneurs, who need original symbols for the identity of their projects.

  • Benefits:

    • All the benefits of the essential package.

    • Creating an "advertising mascot"
    ( simple digital illustration) for representation and identity of the project (1 pose).

    • Internal chatbot
    on the static web page
    (to answer up to 10 frequent questions such as contact links, rates, etc.).

    • 1 cover design for facebook page, using the " advertising mascot".


    USD 280

  • Premium

  • For those who need a more complex solution, such as online stores or the use of CMS.

  • ¿ Do you want extra features apart from the essentials?

    ¿Maybe an online store?

    ¿ Do you need to use a CMS like Wordpress and Prestashop?

    ¿ Videogames on your web portal?


    • Projects with a greater degree of customization, and with characteristics for more complex objectives.

    • Possibility of original graphic designs specific to the project.

    Custom quote;
    investment starting at:

    USD 710

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